How to Become a Make-It-Happen Person

By Reg Scheepers

000801_0087_0041_tslsYou’ve read the title: How to Become a Make-It-Happen Person. But I’m almost 100% sure that almost 100% of those who will ever read that headline will not even begin to grasp the immense power and potential that lies in that short phrase.

When I started Corporate Showcase Productions, someone once said “Reg is trying to start a video production business”, and I corrected them, “I’m not trying, I’m doing it.” I actually used stronger language than that because I felt strongly about it, ┬ábecause you see, a Make-It-Happen person aggressively, like a bulldozer, pursues the thing he/she wants to make happen. It doesn’t happen otherwise.

I’ve always preferred Star Trek to Star Wars. I prefer science and gadgets to politics. But it was Yoda from Star Wars who told Luke Skywalker, “Try you mustn’t. Do you must.

The POWER in those words few will ever truly grasp. Something more powerful than ourselves gets behind those who adopt this attitude, this mindset, this way of life. It doesn’t even matter if the person concerned believes in a God or a spiritual realm. Universal laws kick into high gear, I’ve experienced it myself.

The vast majority of people let life happen to them, they are mere victims of circumstance whether good or bad. There’s a huge difference between letting life happen and making life happen.

When you decide that something MUST happen, and YOU must make it happen, and you CAN make it happen, it will happen. Aggression is a key, at least it has been for me, which is why I always feel an urge to use strong language when I think about something I’m MAKING happen.

And then you use that aggressive energy to plan a strategy, to figure out a unique edge that will make your business stand out.

As an example, we’re not the biggest, best-known company in the video production world yet, but we’ve come up with a couple of strategies that is helping Corporate Showcase Productions get the edge.

Without getting into too much detail, one edge is our quoting system. All video production companies, due to the nature of the business, take days or weeks to quote a customer. We’ve cut that down, in most cases, to no wait. Customers get a printed quote before we walk out their office.

That doesn’t necessarily mean we do better work than anyone else, but all other things being equal, we get the job because we impress. It’s impossible to overlook the fact that the other companies took days and weeks to quote.

The realisation that I could make anything happen by simply making a rock-solid commitment to making it happen, is one of the many things I learned from my ex-boss whose leadership style I hated, yet who I’ve learned so much good stuff from. Another great thing I learned from him was the concept of managing the customer, also along the make-it-happen lines, but I’ll leave that for another day.

It’s so unbelievably empowering when you learn that no matter where you are in your life, no matter what expertise or experience you lack, you can make it happen if you’ll just say “screw the opposition, I’m not going over it or around it, I’m bloody going through it and God help the poor sod who gets in the way.”

I just have to say at this point that this is not some alpha male bulldog BS. This aggression and force is channeled into intelligent thought and strategic planning. Make It Happen doesn’t mean getting all pissed off and swearing at people. “Screw the opposition” is translated as “I’m going to out-think, out-pioneer, out-strategise┬áthe opposition. Right now, I’m going to stop what I’m doing, sit on my ass and think how I can do that. I’m going to come up with ideas that will blow the client away and blow the competition out the water. I’m tired of just making and marketing incremental improvements, I’m going to take this to a whole new level and leave competitors in the dust. I’m going do in my industry what Google did to Yahoo!”

Tip: Thinking like that is never in-the-box. The power behind that aggressive inspiration is that it gets you thinking out the box.

Don’t take this concept lightly.